Working with a
Financial Advisor

Helping to secure your financial future

Our advice and solutions for each client are unique—based on individual goals and circumstances—but our process is structured to ensure that we are thorough in our understanding of your needs, and strategic in our recommendations.

We take great care to explain the benefits and risks of each product or fund so that you can make informed decisions.

When you work with Nexus Advisors, you will have a dedicated Financial Services Representative, whom you’ll get to know and trust. You’ll also have a whole team working on your behalf, providing support and accountability behind the scenes. We take great joy in helping our client achieve their goals, and being a part of that journey.

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We always begin with an in-depth conversation, to learn about your needs and goals. We then perform a complete review and analysis of your financial picture, and discuss some options, to get an idea of your risk tolerance and other factors that will help us create your plan.

We will give you our professional recommendations for building your wealth, achieving your financial goals, and mitigating your risks. You can approve our recommendations or ask that we make some adjustments.

Once you’re satisfied with our recommendations, we begin implementation. We’ll guide you through the process, get new accounts open, and help you with transfers or other transactions.

We will do periodic reviews to ensure that your plan is still working well for you. If your circumstances change, or you reach new milestones, we may recommend changes to your financial plan, to ensure that you are on track to reach your original or newly defined goals.

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