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Last year, I was in a training seminar. We started with a goal-setting exercise. The idea was to think about experiences we wanted to have, places we wanted to visit, impossible challenges we wanted to conquer, and rewards for ourselves if we accomplished our goals.

Most of us have a list of things we want to do one day. But we might not have a purposeful plan for how to get there. It’s easy for our daily commitments and obstacles to overtake our list.

Then, we watched a clip from the movie UP!. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about a hilariously grumpy old man and a bubbly young boy scout making a journey together.

The scene we watched was the beginning montage. We follow the Carl and Ellie through the years. It’s 4 minutes well spent.

Here is the clip:

After a devasting loss, Ellie and Carl spent their life saving for their dream of moving to Paradise Falls in South America. Over the years, life happened, and things came up that made them dip into their savings. The dream was put on the back burner.

My daughter, Cora, is almost 8 and it occurred to me that our time together is nearly half over. This financial planner hasn’t done the greatest job planning out her college funding. It’s been on my “One Day” list. So, I opened a couple 529 accounts and started saving a little something for her and our son Drew.

Cheers to the New Year and our “One Day” lists!

Andrew Eppes, RICP®

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