Retirement On Your Terms

The idea of retirement means different things to different people.

To some, it can mean stopping work completely, hitting the golf course, then hitting the couch.

To others, it could mean selling a business or getting out of the corporate world to focus on a passion, freeing time to travel, but still work some.

Still, others love their careers and never intend to retire.

A problem in the financial services industry is we use this term like it’s going to be the same for everyone.

“When work is optional” or “financial freedom” are other expressions that can get to the heart of what is often meant by retirement.

What I’ve found most people are after is the flexibility to live their values as best they see fit.

That could mean spending more today and saving less or it could mean the opposite.

It could mean forgoing “retirement accounts” for more liquid investments.

For most, there will be a point in their lives, whether they choose it or not, where they’ll need to live on assets they’ve accumulated. Understanding what that looks like and how to get there is what is at the heart of financial planning.

Andrew Eppes, RICP®

Andrew Eppes is a registered representative of and offers securities and investment advisory services through MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC. Nexus Advisors, LLC is not a subsidiary or affiliate of MML Investors Services, LLC, or its affiliated companies. 14241 Dallas Parkway Suite 1200 Dallas, TX 75254 972-348-6300. The idea of retirement means different things to different people.  CRN202409-868034

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