Winding road into 2020

How will the economic environment effect your business and investments in 2020?

Hostilities in volatile regions of the world, political skirmishes and major elections in the US, GDP and profits, the markets, the Fed, and potential surprises. How will they affect your income and your portfolio?

Nobody can predict the future, but we can analyze the present and plan strategies for possible occurrences. Join us as we survey the landscape.

Nexus Advisors' Semi-Annual Update, February 20, 4:00pm

Portrait of Metin AkyolOur guest speaker for this webinar will be Metin Akyol, Ph.D., CFA, a data scientist and portfolio analyst for Zacks Investment Management. Dr. Akyol has demonstrated impressive predictive results using quantitative data analysis and machine learning models as a consultant to the European Central Bank and employee of the Center for European Economic Research. With more than ten years in the field, Dr. Akyol prepares monthly economic reports for Zacks that describe developments in global equity and fixed income markets and forecasts key economic variables.

Following a succinct presentation of Zacks 2020 outlook, Dr. Akyol and Zacks Senior Southwest Regional VP, Chris Glass will answer your questions. Don’t miss this event.

Zacks Independent Research is the second largest independent equity research firm in North America, and Zacks companies as a whole manage more than $5 billion in assets. They are one of the preferred managers in our current portfolio models.

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